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Custom Reports Drilldown - Parameters missing since 12.4.10


We created a CAS-Integration, which uses a "custom report" drilldown to launch an external web applications (Nexthink Client Analytics). This launch ist made "in context", i.e. we pass the Client IP Address to Nexthink.

This worked fine with CAS 12.4 before SP10 - a URL like this was created by the CAS:

Unfortunately, since 12.4.10 and newer these parameters are missing, the URL only contains the parameter defined as "Link name" but none of the parameters defined via "Custom rules", like "cIP":

Is this by design or a bug? If by design, how should we re-design our launch of the external web application?


Hi Stefan, those additional parameters are now sent via POST. In the Java world it's a difference you would not notice, but in PHP you have to change to using $_POST instead of $_GET. Please let me know if that worked.