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DB User Permission Levels

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide


The DBA at a customer's site is unwilling to provide me with SA or Windows authentication access for the upgrading of DC RUM to 12.3.3. 

Instead, he is only willing to create a temporary user for me to conduct the upgrade and subsequently delete the user after the upgrade has been completed.

I initially asked for the same rights access as the SA but his security concerns is that other Databases located in the same DB server may get affected and it is not in their policy to pass out SA access.

Is there documentation somewhere which details the exact roles needed (E.g. DBOwner, ServerAdmin, etc) for me to pass it to him to create a temporary role?

And what are the implications is the temporary user is deleted after the upgrade is complete? 

Would appreciate any help! 

Thank you!


Best Regards,

Jonathan Lim 



Hi Jonathan

So you met one of those guys that Thinks his own shadow will attack him (smile)

There is usually 2 ways of dealing with this:

  1. Let him run the install and then he can check the log afterwards to see that nothing has been compromised.
  2. Show him this page and ask if that is OK and he can let you do it or if he wants to do it
    Creating CASADS Database and Database User with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

And good luck (thumbs up) 

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Hi Ulf,

Thank you for the reply.

Yep I have sent him the link. (smile)

Best Regards,

Jonathan Lim

Good link (smile)

Or Jonathan, as we have in place in a few similar situations, request a user sa_apm (or sa_YourOrg), and have this user be made the dbo(wner) of your CAS database.