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DBDailyMaintenance execution failed


We keep on getting the message "DBDailyMaintenance execution failed at date/time" in CAS (

Any idea how to resolve this and ensure the daily maintenance task runs successfully again? What impact does it have when this task doesn't run?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


The default timeout is 20 minutes (\config\tasks-210-rtmbs-am.xml) that can be increased if you make sure in server.log that it was just a timeout.

Other way we may want to investigate it. Feel free to provide us with related server.log.


I've reviewed the attached log file but I'm not sure it is simply timing out; would appreciate it if you have a few minutes to take a look.

Alternatively, I'll open a support ticket.


PS: the CAS doesn't have the correct amount of memory assigned (O/S total is 36GB currently, with 16GB for CAS if I recall correctly), we're waiting for a memory upgrade on the server.

server.log (zipped)


No, it wasn't timeout that could be just extended but lack of memory:

T ADM    15-02-02 22:26:20.870    Memory alert level is about to be changed: 2 => 4; GC will be run before issuing the memory alert.
T ADM 15-02-02 22:26:20.871 Garbage collection started
T ADM 15-02-02 22:28:31.234 Garbage collection done in 02:10.363. Released 12MB
T ADM 15-02-02 22:28:31.236 Memory alert changed to level 4. Free memory: 2 %
E RTM 15-02-02 22:28:31.271 Not enough memory. Cache Clean
E RTM 15-02-02 22:28:31.276 Not enough memory. Cache Clean
T RTM 15-02-02 22:28:31.291 Not enough memory. Stop data processing
T RTM 15-02-02 22:28:31.293 Stop new sites processing. Limit set to: 53 sites
T RTM 15-02-02 22:28:31.294 Stop new clients processing. Limit set to: 1637 clients
T RTM 15-02-02 22:28:31.296 Memory Checker: New servers processing stopped already.
E RTM 15-02-02 22:28:31.297 Woodsman is dropping UEM data from the cache due to current memory alert level
E RTM 15-02-02 22:28:31.299 Woodsman is dropping Server level from the cache due to current memory alert level
T RTM 15-02-02 22:28:31.300 Memory Checker: System Restart

Yes, it would be great idea to add more memory for CAS process ...


Hey Andre - keep in mind that after you chucked in the DIMMs Adding Memory to the Report Server

You might want to check on the SQL how much it gobbles up.

Thanks Adam, figured memory would cause hassles eventually.


Yip thanks Ulf, I'm aware of the required regedit change (wink)

SQL is set to consume a specified max amount, 10GB I think