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DC RUM - Average web page visit duration


hello everyone ,

my customer asked me to realize a Report for an a specific Application ( 1 single SS in Front/end ) .

the request is simple :
calculate the avarage duration of permancence of user(s) in a single web page(or total pages )

( example : an user connect to applicazion --> open the specific web page and something for 20 seconds and then go to another page )

so.. they ask me to to create a report that report the 20 seconds of " permanance of the user because he read something " ( yes i know .. is too long for a future " metric name" 😄 )

i searched in the forum and also i try with some experiment ( using idle time , http redirect time etc ) but without result.

p.s. we don't have " the appmon software "yet.

Any ideas/ suggest ?

thanks ,



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

DCRUM has no metric to do that.

Bad news out of the way, you can use DCRUM to report on that data - with caveats.

The User Activity report will for a single user show you what they did over time, noting of course the CAS aggregates to 5 minute intervals, that's the smallest period of time you can report on. User X visited the site, hit 5 pages, within 5 minutes, they were 'active' for at most 5 minutes. If that activity showed two intervals, you can say they were active for at least 5 minutes but at most 10 minutes.

If you have an ADS, it keeps actual time stamps so you can be more accurate with the users activity times.

You're still stuck doing this manually per user, there's no metric you can aggregate up to give you an 'user visit duration'.


Hello Chris ,

I'm trying to use the ads to reach the goal I'm looking for.

Thanks for your suggestions .