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DC RUM - Daily DB Maintenance


Hi all,

I have question about Daily DB Maintenance which run every day after midnight. Do you know what this maintenance do concretely? I mean, for example, index defragmentation and some other things which normaly runs during DB maintenance of MSSQL Server.




Hi Jakub

Those processes are your janitor and just as when you miss your janitor and your house/office gets very messy, so does the CAS.

The processes can be seen in the diagconsole and have fairly descriptive names but as you hinted to yourself Index, roll-up and other maintenance tasks are there and they all need to be run.

Occasionally, they might not make in the time frame you have, and you have the option to extend the period but do that only when it is absolutely necessary and only when you haev a plan on how to address what is causing the extended run.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Defragmentation is done daily by Defragmentation indexes on changed tables task and weekly in Weekly DB maintenance task.

DBDailyMaintenance is more involved in removing old data that was aggregated.


Thank you both, it helps me.



Weekly DB maintenance execution in my CAS timed out.

How can I see the root cause of the timed out? I don't search any event related with it in the logs.

Thanks in advance.



Elena H.

I'm not sure how to see the root cause of the timeout but I do know you can extend the default timeout value of 2 hours to something longer. To start I'd double that timeout value to 4hrs and see if it still has a timeout. In most cases I've seen a timeout occur, extending the timeout threshold normally works as it will be a limitation for how fast the hardware can perform the daily tasks.

This setting can be found in the advanced properties in atscon.

Go to your browser and type in the URL for your CAS and append '/atscon' to the end of the URL. Select Advanced Properties and look for something resembling Daily DB maintenance. Adjust the threshold and apply.

Another thing you could try as an option would be to go into SQL. Select the properties of the server. Select processing and then tick the option to 'boost sql server priority'.

Hope that helps!

By the way, I wouldn't let that timeout for too long otherwise your raw data won't aggregate up like it is supposed to and your DB will grow.

Matt E.


Weekly DB maintenance execution timeout, how to we manually trigger its to run.

Hello @Yee Heng L.

Before the below activity I would recommend to get the reasons behind the timeout. Maybe you will have to increase the timeout period due to db size or in case less resources.

You can run from the http://IP_Address/DiagConsole#/menu then select the 'Task Schedule Status' then choose the desired task(s) and on the bottom of the page click on the 'Start Manual Tasks'.