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DC RUM Extensions on Community!

Community Team
Community Team


Together with DC RUM release 12.4, we created a special download space - DC RUM Extensions, where you can:

  • Get the
    latest versions of the DMI report templates
  • Enable integration with ITOM
    systems such as Splunk, ServiceNow, and Kibana
  • Examine the Universal Decode
    script examples
    for performance monitoring of specific applications - there are already 9 examples available!

All DC RUM extensions are supported by the DC RUM community and new reports, plugins, or script examples can now be published regardless of release updates.

If you want to share your scripts or reports, simply leave a comment on one of the DC RUM extensions pages.

Feel free to download any DC RUM extensions that can supplement your DC RUM installation!


Keep calm and build Community!


Hi Karolina,

on top of that is there a guide for Universal Decode scripts development?

(Not the official docs)

Thanks, Raffaele

Hi Raffaele,

The official documentation is pretty detailed and there is a chapter about Creating your own scripts.

You can also check what's in our internal forum: Universal Decode - best practices.



Keep calm and build Community!

I will, thanks @Karolina Linda!

Community Team
Community Team

I wanted to let you know that the DMI Framework 12.4 is now available!

Thanks to Jean-Louis Lormeau, you can download a complete set of report templates that guides you through the most important monitoring use cases:

  • Application analysis, including availability, performance, and activity measurements
  • Performance analysis, including slow operation cause breakdown
  • Availability analysis, including application response details
  • Long terms reports, showing trends for applications and their monthly health status
  • Location reports, including performance and availability analysis for regions, areas, sites, and users
  • Diagnostic reports
  • Waterfall reports, providing details of the user session and a header view for the selected session

These reports are compatible with all transactional decodes.

If you have any questions, please post them in the DC RUM Open Q&A forum using the "dc rum extensions" tag.

Keep calm and build Community!

Thank you @Jean-Louis Lormeau! Target found this framework to give them a much greater ROI than the out of the box workflows.