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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DC RUM Hardware Health Data is missing after upgrading to


I upgraded both of my AMDs to 12.4.14. After the upgrade only one AMD is reporting Hardware Health Data. The AMD with the the issue is not generating amddata files. I issued a ndstop ; ndstart and all the services came up OK. Any suggestions on what else to try.



I solved my own issue. The symbolic link directory where the amddata files were saved were not owned by compuware. The upgrade reverted the ownership back to root. Once I updated the ownership, the files were being saved again.

So the symbolic directory was something that had been added or was it something that the installer created?

What about other data files? Were only amddata files affected? I assume you had a custom symbolic link directory for /var/spool/adlex/rtm, right? We would like to determine if it's a one-off case or other installations might be affected as well. Thanks!

We had the same issue in previous versions at one of our customers. It only affected the amddata files - performance data was written without any issues.

This customer had the /var/spool/adlex directory on another partition because of capacity reasons.

To be a little bt more precise: We had a support case for this: SUPDCRUM-7669

And we had seen some error message in the amdstatsmerger.log (I think it was 12.2 or 12.3 when we first noticed this)

We had one amd without this second partition for the data files and we are doing a cross check everytime we are installing a new version on the AMDs.