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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DC RUM: Percentile measurements?


Does anyone know what percentile measurements are available, if any for DC RUM 12.3.x? 12.4.x?

I've got multiple customers asking for it, use case is for capacity management of links. I've looked through the 12.3 environment and couldn't find anything but seem to remember in 12.4 we introduced 90th percentile?


Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Hey Matt, from what I remember, percentiles are only available for ADS data and not for CAS data. You could probably use the Histogram Operation times to depict data almost similar to percentiles.

could you pleae let us know how to do this.New to DC rum

Hello Rishabh,

If you already have ADS in your environment then you can choose the 'Operation Data' under the 'Analysis' for the 'Data views' to make a DMI report with the 'Percentile' data.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

In 12.4 you can get a 90th percentile in charts (check the 'summary' tab on the chart settings). Not available in the data, seems the chart engine does the calculations.

The 90th percentile introduced in 12.4 that you refer to is just a value you can request to be shown in the time-series chart in the summary mode. Please be aware, however, that this is a value that is calculated (like all other summary mode values) from the points that are rendered in the chart, not the raw data.

Thanks Sebastian,

Can that 90th percentile be adjusted or expanded?

Ex. change it to 95th percentile or have multiple percentiles (90th, 95th, 99th, etc)

Also, is there a limitation on what metrics a percentile can be given from, I'm specifically looking for bandwidth/throughput metrics.

No, this percentile is not configurable. But it can be applied to any metric on the chart.

From the points rendered in the chart? Meaning if we were looking at today with a resolution of 6 hours, the 90th percentile would be calculated from only (at max) 4 data points?

Thanks for the clarification

I'm afraid it's just that. That's why I wrote before to be aware of this limitation.