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DC-RUM Reports


Hello Guys,

I need your help please, I want to make a report for some applications.

what I want is to make comparison for the same application for different periods, for example I want one dashlet for yesterday and the other one for the day before yesterday..

I added two dimensions on of them for time and the other is the application,

and I added these metrics: operation time, fast operation, and slow operation.. the issue is how I can add the baseline for these two dashlet

I want to compare it depending on the baseline



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Comparing to baseline is comparing to average for (by default) last 10 days, but I think you need separate time ranges for two sections of DMI report, don't you?

If you're on 12.3 then feel free to try Time tab on report definition screen:





I separate the time and i used the custom advanced time for the second section but there is no data

for the first section I used the previous day and its work correctly..

but the issue as I said i want to compare it  depending on the baseline..


what I mean that I want to show the baseline for these two dashlet seperated 

Hi Rakan,

two questions:

  1. Does the second chart (day before yesterday) show any data? if not - please send screenshots with detailed definition of the custom time range, plus please enable "append time range in title" for that section and check if the time range shown there is correct
  2. The baseline (if available for that data) can be render on charts as corridor. You need to specify baseline data view in the benchmark data tab first.

Let me know if that helps.








Dear Sebastian,

thanx a lot for your support, for time issue it was ( - ) signal, i did not put -2 to the custom configuration, I put it as 2.

but I have another question if yo can help please?

when I change time interval to the 3 or 4 days before, the date for the two dashboards is  still the same?? how it is??



Is your "Begin time based on" set to "Report time" or to "System time" ? If you want your sections to show relative time range you need to choose "report time".

Please note that this is the beginning of the time range in the report. In 12.4 it will be possible to distinguish between making section time range relative to the beginning or end of the report time.

thank you bro,

it was based on "System Time" now i change it and it is working as I want.

the last thing, could you please explain to me the difference between report time and the system time



System time is the "current" time at the CAS server, report time (in 12.3) is the beginning of the time range for the report, e.g., a midnight for Time range = Today.


thanks a lot Sebastian.. appreciate your help