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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

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Hello Forum !

I don't understand how is calculated the application performance percentage of a transaction on a ES site. I am attaching 2 screenshots, one showing my ESM transaction config, and one showing the report screen. There is for sure a wrong configuration, I would appreciate any feedback.

  • I have created a ESM scenario running 4 transactions.
  • I have defined for each transaction thresholds on the Agent manager.
  • I get a summary availability of 100% and a summary performance at 0%.
  • Pointing the first transaction, I see that app performance reports 0%, despite that transaction has realized 26.4s.
  • Furthermore, on the attached screenshot, we can see that resquests is reported to 20. what are these request, are we talking about the numbers of click actions ?

To summarize my question, how are calculated availability, performance, and also, on what request count is based.





Hi, Daniel. Thank you for your post. You will find more information in Enterprise Synthetic - Site performance report.

  • The count of 20 should be from your 4 transactions running 5 times each.
  • The 100% availability means that 100% (all) of your (20) transactions were available, within that threshold.
  • The 0% performance means that 0% (none) of your (20) transactions were performing well, all were over the performance threshold. This percentage is about the number of transactions rather than the percentage of the measurement itself.

I hope this answers your questions. If you have additional reporting questions, I can send this to the CAS team.


Hello @Carol O.

Thanks for your answer. I have adjusted my thresholds and get better results.

I was thinking that it is possible to get in percentage the gain of time under the threshold, which is more useful ( meaning, if I have set a threshold set at 10s and got 9s run, my performance should be 110%, and if I am up to the 10s, for example 12s, my performance should be 80%)

I am searching in the documentation more info about how to interpret ES standard reports, and don't find it, maybe you can help ?

Furthermore, I am attaching a out of the box ES - Transaction list report: how should I interpret the graphic bars Transaction Time / breakdown (yellow/ brown) ? why, under Network Analysis Time / Network column, I see values both in milliseconds and in hours ? Same question for failed transaction time / Network column. The maximum time the transaction set will take to run is 3,5 mn in the worst case, so I don't understand these values in hours (highlighted in red).transaction-list-with-network-time.png

I also don't understand the blue bars "HTTP errors over time" timeout, is that mean that we haven't received any http error code or that I am closing the script running before receiving an HTTP status ?

For sure my customer will ask these questions, I prefer to be prepared.

Thanks for your help


Hi, Daniel. I am glad that the thresholds helped. You now have several questions for the CAS. I would encourage you to open a support ticket for the CAS. Thanks.