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DCRUM 12.4 New Instance Setup


Hi Guys,

I am looking for installation of DCRUM 12.4 SP12 in new environment. At same time we would be decommissioning DCRUM 12.3 from an older DC and will use the same license key (migrated to 12.4) in new DC.

Can you advise if setting up a new instance remains straight forwards as described in DCRUM_Admin guide in terms of installation steps ?

1. What additionally we need to ensure ?

2. Capacity planning has been done following the recommended HW resources for each components.

a. AMD - would be a physical box adjacent to M size HS AMD but we'll run Classic AMD on this now.

b. CAS, ADS - will be virtualized report servers.

c. CSS, RUM Console, DLM - we'd keep on separate VM as a common component server.

d. SQL Server - we have Shared SQL server instance which hosts other application too, Can you advise that we can go with a shared SQL Instance of we need to have a dedicated SQL Server altogether ?

In older DCRUM setup we have a dedicated SQL server running on physical box, but don't know the pros/cons of running CAS/ADS SQL DB on Share SQL Server. Any thoughts please ?



Hello Keshav,

Seems to be okay except the SQL Server.

Recommended is to use the physical and dedicated servers because data receives in the bulk form and needs high IOPS.

If there is not a strict policy in your environment then try to keep application and database on the same server for the better performance instead of remote database.

We can go with the virtual sever if we have a faster storage e.g. EMC/SAN, SSD etc...




We also would recommend the setup with a local database - but this can have high costs based on sql server licenses (one of my customer told me so).

We have also customers running fine with a remote database / instance on a clustered server. They have the same or even better performance than some other ones with local databases.

But be aware of the BULK Insert prerequisits (Shared directory on the database server e.g.) and talk to your database administrators because of the behavior how dc rum is adding data to the database.