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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DCRUM Business Definition - how to filter Real Users - Browser informations to define a transaction ?

I have to define a transaction in DCRUM that depends on Dynatrace AppMon data (Real Users - Browser).
Unfortunately I am not able to implement the needed filters and can't find a detailed documentation about the possibilities.

Name of the user action is given (click on "searchbutton") but not explicit enough, in addition the Destination URL is needed to filter the correct requests, too.

The transaction has to capture URLs like or http://scout/#/98859813 but NOT the URLs http://scout/#/Start or

Therefore just to use "http://scout*/#/*" as a filter is not an option.

Unfortunately there are even more URLs that are reported as User action named "click on "searchbutton"" and shall be excluded like or or

All "numbers" are dynamic and represent customer ID or contract ID or things like that.

How is it possible to combine included and excluded URLs in a transaction definition ?
Any chance to use regex ?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Sadly we can't use regex in the BU definitions, and as you rightly point out the * wildcard isn't sufficient

Does the pages you want all have a common page name? If so configure DCRUM to extract the page name, and you can use that as a filter in the BU 'Task' instead of 'Operation'.

If not, I think the only way around this is to change the name the action records. See if you can include a transaction prefix name so the data AppMon provides is more readily filterable.

Hello Chris

I think the problem of Ralph is that this aren't any DCRUM URIs where you can create Tasks or anything like this. These are URIs from AppMon (dynaTrace) like Ralph mentioned.

Maybe an enhancement may be valid here @Ralph-Peter Chmilewski