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Dear All,

We are planning to have a DCRUM setup in the DR, therefore, need your expert advises to make a robust environment. The objective of this setup to synchronize the production monitoring data to the DR.

As usual looking forward for the best practices and a proposed design for this setup.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Babar, did you review this article?

Originally it has been put together as a best-practice for one of our large customers and then turned into a help page for general use.

Best regards

Hello @Kris Z.,

Thank you for pointing out the documentation link.

We are in the process to make HA environment in the production but I guess I could not explain the exact requirement of the DR Site.

We have less applications in the DR Site and was thinking to install only one AMD/CAS/ADS for continues monitoring and also synchronize the production CAS/ADS databases with the DR databases.

Please let us know that which scenario can be the best to achieve this requirements.



Hi Babar,

For the DCRUM platform, the HA solution is the best way to cater for DR. For each CAS in the production datacentre, a CAS should be deployed in the DR datacentre.

When the CAS farm is configured with 'primary' and 'failover' nodes, the data from AMDs is processed by both the primary/failover CAS, and data stored in their databases.
So you will have an exact copy of the data available in the production site and the DR site.

If your query is related around monitoring applications in the DR site, instead of DR for DCRUM itself, why not deploy an AMD in the DR site and add the AMD to your production DCRUM farm? Monitoring of the DR applications will be visible in your usual DCRUM production system.

Hope this helps!


Hello @Benjamin W.

Thank you for your suggestion. Basically the DR site applications turn on adhoc basis especially while checking the HA/FO of the applications.

In the production environment we are going to make an HA, therefore, please let me know whether we need databases for each CAS/ADS respectively or we can use the same databases for 2 or more CASs/ADSs.

In the HA diagram only the RUM Console DB mentioned which is replicating with the primary.



Hi Babar,

We have a HA Solution setup on DCRUM v17.x. 17 Primary CAS in Primary Datacenter each with their own database in the main datacenter, 17 CAS HA Node in DR Datacenter each with their own database in the DR datacenter. I don't think you can use the same database for more than 1 application host.