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DCRUM Delay in performance data processing is XX day XX hr.

Hello Everyone,

I found DCRUM Warning "Delay in performance data processing" How can do I fix it.

Thank you,



In my experience this is usually fixed by restarting the CAS services.

Hello Mike,

Thank you for comment. So I restarted the CAS services too many time but data are still delay.

After restart CAS will first have to process the delayed data. Depending on it;s processing capacity that can take quite some time. Until all backlog has been processed, there will be delay. You will only see the delayed time decrease, if CAS actually is processing. (And can calculate the recovery time, after noting down the decrease rate per hour for 2-3 hours)
I suggest you take Babar's advise below, and skip the backlog as he indicates.


Hello @dynatrace A.

First of all you have a capacity issue on AMD serves.

Secondly, delay is near about one and a half months so even CAS service restart is not going to make much difference immediately.

If you are not worried about the old data then you can process the desired data only with the data processing control from the below location.




What is your license status?