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DCRUM SAP Monitoring supported modules


Hi all,

I'm wondering if DCRUM12.3 can monitor every modules on SAP? Specifically, I have one university prospect which currently used SAP Student Lifecycle Management (SAP SLCM or formerly IS-HER-CM). They have performance problem during registration period which is why they come to us.

  1. I wonder if our SAP monitoring support this module since it is ERP CC Enhancement Package.
  2. DCRUM12.3 has a wizard to auto-detect multi-level hierrachy for business units. But is it support this module?
  3. How to create license BoM? Since SAP SLCM's license per user is very cheap compared to SAP ERP, our named users model might be too expensive for the university.


Thank you.

Satit Auputtinun






DCRUM SAP monitoring monitor all t-code transactions (Dynpro/Web Dynpro) - it is not important from which SAP module this transactions comes. For most of them (80k) reports provide meaningful operation names and SAP module identification thanks to default Service/Module/Task configuration. So answering your question

  1. Yest if you would like to monitor Dynpro transactions in ERP CC Enhancement Package (most likely) this kind of monitoring is supported
  2. Out of the box configuration in 12.3 will assign SLCM transactions into IS (Industry Solutions) module (on Software Services Report), but will not be visible on AHS by default as individual application. To achieve it you will need to add custom application /transactions / steps in Business Units Configuration

Best regards,