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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DCRUM Upgrade from 12.4.6 to 12.4.12 version


HI Team,

We are planning to upgrade our DCRUM environment from version 12.4.6 to 12.4.12. Hence would like to know the below details before taking the next steps. It would be really helpful if someone answers the below furnished questions :

  • Does Dynatrace officially release SP12?

  • Does a fix exist for SP11?

  • Does Dynatrace have release notes available now for SP12
    and the new/changed features that will be provided?

  • Does Dynatrace have any prerequisites for SP12? Do we
    need to go from SP6 to another release before we can get to SP12?

  • Are we able to
    provide a high-level estimate of time required to complete this upgrade?

  • Can we perform any steps that would reduce the overall
    time required to resolve the problem?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro
  • Yes, it's planned for Tuesday (1/17),
  • Please clarify second question, do you mean if there is a SP11? Or if SP12 fixes issues already fixed by SP11? Both answers are "Yes",
  • Yes, please see Release to release Changes and Differences and DC RUM Resolved issues, both will be updated on Tuesday with SP12 information,
  • No, our installers are cumulative builds, all you need to do it to get the latest Service Pack and install it. More on Upgrade path,
  • CSS, RUM Console and AMDs upgrades are very fast, however for CAS and ADS it strongly depends on the size of its DBs and structure of monitored data stored there, thus very hard to estimate,
  • We recommend you to visit DC RUM Migration Center, especially open special migration ticket as described there.

Community Team
Community Team

The DC RUM release 12.4.12 is now available.

See Release-to-release changes and Resolved issues for details.



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