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DCRUM data warehouse?



Is it possible to turn off ALL ageing and just store data in the DCRUM?

What I'm wondering is if there are more processes thatn the Visual ones.

The reason is Customer request where they want to keep DCRUM as a repository for Synthetic Monitoring data, since they can't impact how the SaaS cloud ages and rolls up data.

Of course, the data for synthetic is small and performance is not a problem (long term SLA reporting).


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I'm reasonably certain the roll off can't be turned off entirely, though Synthetic data retention on the CAS is configurable separately from other data types in the capacity configuration, and could be increased to maximum settings.

For true "forever" retention, I know other customers have built a report that included all of the specific Dimensions and Metrics they wanted to retain, and then scheduled that report to automatically run as an export to a series of .csv files hourly or daily (varied depending on the size/run time of the report).

-- Erik

I've customer that take those exports and load them in SQL for long term reporting (5+ years worth).

Ohlala - and how big is that DB?

Plus, since 12.4 you can send data from such report directly to Splunk or ElasticSearch.