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[DCRUM] in Data Center Tiers - based on software services - can't find SOAP over http software services

After creating the SOAP over HTTP software services , when trying to add them to a Data Center Tiers - based on software services we can't find them in the list the soap over http software services, only the http software services are shown.

Any suggestion?

this is the Software service

Here is the Tier and there is no SOAP based software service that can been chossen.

dcrum 12.3.4


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Yosi,

I believe that you are unable to see any SOAP over HTTP software services in your scenario because the other two software services that you have selected are HTTP software services.Each tier only allows for a single type of analyzer for its software services.

I might suggest creating a separate tier for this SOAP over HTTP software service. This should allow you to add this software service to it.

Best Regards,


Hi Ben

You are right!

Now it's all clear to me and the tier are set

Thanks a lot