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DCRUM installation without kickstart - /usr/ folder on different partition



have a couple of question about the installation of DCRUM. I am at the customer
site right now.

1)I am trying to install
an AMD on a machine without using Kickstart. They cannot use that for policy

the moment, they have installed all packages needed by AMD BUT they have a lot
of different partition on the machine (take a look at the screenshot).


the documentation is written that we MUST avoid to use a different partition
for the /usr/ directory because drivers and other stuffs are loaded from


If you choose to skip the kickstart installation
method, you must ensure the following rulesare true for your custom Red Hat
Enterprise Linux installation:

Sufficient disk space must be specified for the /usr
and /var/spool directories. Ingeneral, Compuware recommends a single partition for the
complete system installation.Because each installation is different, there are
no specific guidelines for diskpartitioning. Each of the following locations
must provide enough space for themonitoring and health-diagnosis data:

/usr/adlex must be located on a partition with at least 64
GB of free space.

/var/ must be located on a partition with at least 50 GB of
free space.

/usr cannot be located on
a separate partition.
The AMD software installs in/usr/adlex
loads hardware drivers from this location. These files need to beavailable at
system startup before auxiliary partitions are mounted.

then, could this kind of configuration give us problem later?

2)Customer wants to change
SA password after we install the CAS. Is it ok to do this? Or is the SA
password used to do something on the CAS SQL? The delta is the only account
used after installation?

you in advance,


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Yes, that kind of partition layout on the AMD can give you problems later. That said, I have seen it done anyway and still work. I have also seen a couple extreme work arounds to "force" it to work. If the partition structure is the cause of start up problems, be aware it is officially an unsupported setup, and official resolution may come down to "repartition the system to meet the explicitly stated requirements".

Once the CAS is installed, the only thing the SA password is used for during normal operation is the ShrinkTempDB task. If the SQL DBAs are comfortable with managing shrinking the TempDB as needed on their own, disabling this task on the CAS and changing the SA password should not adversely affect the CAS's normal operations.

-- Erik

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The only problem will be is if the /usr partition is mounted with the 'noexec' option, that will prevent the drivers from loading. No this is a fairly common security recommendation, so it probably is, you can check if it's the case on this build by running to following from the rhel command line.


Examine the resulting output looking for the /usr line. Anym ount options will be on the end of the line within parentheses.

This is the output from a RHEL7 build I'm working on.

You see the root ( / ) filesystem in yellow, and two system filesystems ( /proc and /sysfs ) in red both of which have the noexec mount option.

If your /usr filesystem has noexec you won't be able to run the AMD from it.