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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DCRUM integration to Server Resources Monitoring ?



Is there any product available which can be integrated with DCRUM and can show server resources Monitoring as well in a single CAS dashboard ?

If not CAS, then any other way where we can see DCRUM & Server Monitoring views in a single dashboard ? May be BSM is used for this ? please advise How its works



Hi Keshav,

Take a look at the link below, it is another post that should address this.  The end result is using the CAS to pull vantage view data, allowing you to create DMI reports with both DCRUM and Server Monitoring data.

Re: Integrating VantageView v12.0 into DCRUM v12.1

Hope this helps,



Thanks Rob,

You mean Server Vantage to be reported on Vantage View first, then Vantage View should be integrated with CAS ? right

And there is no default CAS dashboard where it can show application slow response time & associated Server resources as well ? I would need to do it using DMI template, right ?

Yes on all counts,  Server Monitoring would still report into vantage view.  Then you integrate Vantage View with the CAS.

For reporting you would have to create the DMI dashboards for the server monitoring data.  you could modify existing out of the box dashboards and add a section for the server metrics, that could then sit below the sections you already see showing RUM metrics.  The server metrics would have to be in their own section.  When you create the report or report section you would change the "Data View" to server monitoring. 

You can also create a custom report just for server metrics,  I use a form where the user can put in the server name or IP address to look at any of the basics very quickly (CPU,Memory, disk)

**If you are going to Modify the out of the box reports, I would recommend saving them off as a copy first and play around getting the look and feel you want before over write existing reports.**


Thanks Rob for this great content

I am thinking another idea of reporting Server Monitoring data - Is this possible that I use BSM & integrate their Server Monitoring & DCRUM both, will this be better approach ? after all I want to see DCRUM response time metric with HW resource metrics Please advise

can you provide me a screenshot of your form display that shows inside CAS, would give me an idea of your approach


Hi Keshav,

BSM is more suitable for your requirements since you want to see DC RUM Response time metric as well as a specific Hardware resource metric.

You can use the built-in adapters for DC RUM (called End User Experience in BSM) and Server Monitoring and build a service model off of those two adapters.



Thanks Harshal, Can you advise apart from Compuware "Server Monitoring" what all the other Third Party products like Nagiaos, SCOM etc can be integrated into BSM to have HW health checks ? Will BSM accept the data from Icinga ?

Hi Keshav,

BSM has support for several third party products, including Nagios and SCOM.   There is currently no "built in" integration for Icinga.

For a complete list of the adaptors included with BSM, you can view the Data Collection User Guide located here: 
Business Service Management 12.0

The document describes each of the adaptors available with BSM.   Hopefully that provides the info you are looking for.