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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DCRUM integration to web based application.


I am trying to integrate few data from DCRUM with another application.Using the rest API's(getDMIData3) ,I am able to get /call the availability percentages for applications. My question is that can we pass software services in place of application IDs to get availability percentage when API call is made. Will the data I get in this case be correct. I do have not as many applications as I have software services in the tool. If not please let me know how to create/map a software service to an application ID.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Yes you can pass software service as any kind of dimension that you have. The metric calculation is done at software service level, (with the operations), the application transactions and tiers are filters applied (and calculated and cached) over the software service/operations returned by the AMD.

Here is the id to be used for application and sofware service on the filter and on the dimention:

- Application: bgAppl

- Software Service: appl

I hope it helps

Hi @David A I am currently using getDMIdata3 API to get the availability percentage. In the field for app ID ,I am using CVENT as the parameter,and that is returning me all the software services stored in my CAS. So to get the availability percentage for all the applications stored in my CAS ,should I replace the App ID metric in the API as bgAppl? would that help?


This is the format in which I have been using the API.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


This will give you the software service, replace the bdAppl by Appl in the dimentions.

The AppId and ClientView parameters are used to orientate you to see one source and other

for example to see the synthetic views:

- AppId: "CVENT"

-viewId: "TransAct"

or for example if you want to see the ADS operation details you have to use this:


-viewId: "PageData"

I hope it helps


The above format that I am currently using is giving me availablity percentage for software services,If I use Appl instead bgAppl will that return values for Application IDs that are present?

the BgAppl, on the dimetionId, will return the "Applications" defined on the "Business Unit Configuration" Total Availability. The appl on the dimetionId Field will return the "Software Service" Total Availability (The metric you are using is Avg, that in Version 12.4 is the Total Availability)