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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DCRUM is not reporting the complete URL in operation report.


Hi Team,

I'm checking operations under DCRUM for one of our application but I observe that, DCRUM is not reporting a part of URL after hash (#).

For example:-

If URL in browser is,

then DCRUM is reporting only as,

Somewhere in forum I read that, the part after hash (#) is generated at client side & this complete URL (including hash) never sent to application server.

Is this correct? If yes, any probable solution to get complete URL including under DCRUM.

Please help.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

1. If URL is never sent over the network, DC RUM wouldn't see it. DC RUM works by monitoring the network traffic between client and server. The case you describe is perfectly possible. It may also be possible that in the browser URL shows up this way, while what's sent to the sever is the base URL (/app/) and parameters are attached in the POST body.

2. When monitoring the network traffic, DC RUM cuts the URL onto base URL and the parameters. Hash may be set up as one of the "cut separators". Parameters can be auto-learned and monitored, but you have to tell DC RUM in monitoring configuration how to dissect parameters, which to learn and which to ignore. Parameter learning applies to both GET and POST requests, so referring to point 1. above, in your case the situation might be that Dc RU needs to be configured to look into the POST body to dissect different requests. Try using the Web decode configuration wizard and let it show you what's on the wire using on-demand packet traces.

Hope this helps.