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DCRUM on the Internet

Has anyone else had this same issue?

When I search for DCRUM on Google or YouTube I receive hits about drummers or AppMon, but never/rarely on DCRUM. If DCRUM is supposed to a best of bread monitoring tool, why is it impossible to find any information (except for the usual marketing hits) on the Internet?

Thanks and God bless,



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Genesius,

Doing a search on google our documentation pages cam up as my first result as well as some forum posts; a thing that helped me is looking for "Dynatrace DCRUM" or "DCRUM monitoring" to weed out searches not related to our tools. For the youtube algorithm it doesn't see as nuanced as the full google search as it pulls the RUM part from the Dynatrace product. To me the university site is much easier to find videos related to DCRUM as I believe all our webinars are posted there under the proper category.



Community Team
Community Team

Hi Genesius,

All DC RUM videos and webinar recordings are available on the Dynatrace University.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce the Google issue - same as Kyle, I get links to the DC RUM documentation, forum posts, or DC RUM extensions on GitHub. I tried "DC RUM", "DCRUM", "DC RUM monitoring", and "DC RUM features".

What was the exact phrase you used for Google search?

Best regards,


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