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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DCRUM report to show % operations at each data centre site


Create a report to list our major software services, and show
which site (datacentre) processed the transactions. This will allow us to
easily see which services we have running at which datacentre.




You could try a table based report and use the Data Centre as the server site. That would be assuming you've defined your DC's IP range as a site in the site definitions and that you've properly assigned it to the 'network' tier in the Business Units.

If you haven't done any of that, you could be more selective on your data source in your report and select a specific AMD.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for your reply Matt! I have selected a table view showing the software services and filtered using either data site. The results I am showing at using generic benchmark data from both of those dimensions with the metrics being operations, However I cant find out where to show the % of transactions that happen at both sites... I can send you a copy of what I have done at the moment if you like to see that?