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DCRUM support for SAP Barcode scanner transactions


Hi all,
We're working on a new opportunity to monitor several SAP modules in a retail company.

The thing is they have a lot of perfomance issues with transactions generated by Barcode scanners (Motorola 9000 - Windows embedded - SAP logon client). We have experience monitoring SAP production environments using DCRUM, but this is the first time we face these SAP mobile clients.

According our customer the barcode scanners use HTTP protocol to get SAP server, but we're not sure if we could capture and decode the these SAP transactions. Due some security concerns they can't give us access yet to capture real data, however we hope to get it maybe next week.

Do anybody have experience in a similar environment?

Best regards,
Carlos Cardoza



Hi Carlos

It should work directly as you are using standard methods (HTTP). There's a few in our team that has had some great experience and benefits gained by the abilities of DC RUM being able to see fringe I/O like scanners and automated data acquisitions.

I hope they'll reach out to you soon (smile) but if they don't - just go ahead as there's nothing out of the ordinary in your setup


Hi Ulf,

Thanks a lot for your answer. Same as you said, we beleive it must work using HTTP decode, that's the reason because we're pushing to get a sample capture.

As soon as we do the technical qualification I'll post our experience.