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DCRum upgrade

Hi all,
I would like to upgrade / fixpack my environment to version 12.4.15. Currently the components are to the following versions:

AMD = 12.4.3

CAS = 12.4.2

Rum Console = 12.4.2

I would like to avoid upgrading AMD because it is shared with another customer, who has the CAS and Rum Console version 12.4.11.

Is it possible or am I obliged to upgrade this component?
Is version 12.4 still supported by dynatrace?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Release 12.4 is no longer supported and therefore we recommend that you (and the other customer sharing data from the same AMD) consider migration to 2017 SP5 release. I suggest opening a migration ticket so we can advise you on the best migration approach.

Upgrading your existing 12.4.2/12.4.3 components to 12.4.15 is may not work properly with report server components being at 12.4.11 - those would have to be upgraded to 12.4.15 first.

Also if you're still running classic AMD, please be aware the 2017 AMD there is a new AMD architecture (so called high-speed AMD) and in order to migrate to this release, you'd need RHEL 7 OS and follow this AMD migration procedure.

Hi Przemyslaw,
thanks for the very fast and exhaustive response.

I will program the upgrade according to your advice.