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DMI Charts: Stacked Columns

CAS 12.2

Trying to build a chart with a number of key indicators over a time period

Metrics being used are;

  • Fast Operations
  • Slow Operations
  • HTTP Server errors (5xx)
  • Operation Time
  • Baseline Operation Time

To display this in a sensible way, a stacked column makes sense, so we see all metrics for each time period in a stacked column.

The Operation Time metrics are drawn as lines using the right hand Y axis (makes sense), however the Operation Time is stacked on the Baseline Operation Time metric. To be able to compare these metrics, which is what is required here, they should not be stacked.

If I don't stack the columns, we get four columns per time period, which is difficult to read, however the operation time lines are comparable as can be understood from the images here:

Stacked, columns look good, operation times not comparableNot Stacked, operation times comparable, but columns difficult to read


Any solution to this?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


I think this is a known issue that product management is aware of.   See similar post.

DMI Report Help Please



The solution to this problem will be available in 12.3.3 and in 12.4: for stacked columns on one axis, the lines on the other axis will not be stacked.