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DMI Drilldown 'Custom value' Regex?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Can the 'custom value' DMI Drilldown filter feature perform some kind of smart filtering, regex for example? I note we can do this now with conditional display of sections/fields etc.

Use case.

Customer has user defined sites laid out as follows. A customer site, is made up of more than one 'Client Site'.

Client Site = Site A - VoIP
Client Site = Site A - Data
Client Site = Site A - WiFi

Client Site = Site B - VoIP
Client Site = Site B - Data
Client Site = Site B - WiFi


(there is already a hierarchy of Client Region and Client Area already being fully utilised)

Customer would like to be able to drill down from a report showing all sites (sorted by affected users for example), into a report that shows ALL software services for the site.

e.g. on the Sites report, user clicks on Site A - VoIP, expected outcome is a report where the Client Site dimension is filtered: Site A - *

Allowing the user to see the performance of VoIP, LAN data, and WiFi data networks at a site.

So the conditional display system seems to say we could do something like

<Software service> ==~ '.*-' 

to return:

Site A - 


Site B - 

which as a filter would work for us.

Can this be done with a drill down?

I've tried like this:

<Software service> ==~ '.*-'

But trying to display that reports results in a 400 error from the CAS

Trying simply:


Doesn't work either (I didn't think it would), no error is shown instead it is treated literally as a text filter.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Not sure if this is possible but maybe someone else will have the answer around the regex filtering.

A possible option is to use the Client site description field in your site setup. For all Site A's put Site A, For all Site B's put Site B.

Then for both of your reports (main & drilldown) make sure to add Client site description as a dimension. In the main report make sure it's a row but it can be hidden. In your drilldown options only pick Client site description to be passed. This will do what your looking for if I understand your quesiton correctly.



Thanks Mike, a good idea at the end there.

Another thought I had after posting, was to make use of the regex capability of the drill down link visibility, would mean making a drill down link for each site, passing the correct filter. an arduous task as this customer has ~400 sites, each with 3/4 Client Site definitions.