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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DMI 'Report Parameter' Dataview


Does anyone know a way to access the 'Report Parameter' Dataview in Custom DMI's. There are a couple out of the box ones (Application Technologies in 12.4.1) that utilize this Dataview to create some pretty advanced workflows (Flow Controller section) which I would like to use in other reports. I'm guessing there is some sort of debug tag or property to set make this possible. If this is not possible at all, I will be making a RFE.




Community Team
Community Team

Hi Jacob,

Just letting you know we're trying to find the best way to address your need.

Stay tuned,


Keep calm and build Community!

Hi Jakob,

the sections based on the "Report parameter" dataview are used by our development to turn DMI reports into interactive dashboards. It is not officially supported and there is no documentation.

But here at APM Community we can help you 🙂 Here is a couple hints of how to get that special sections.

I have attached the basic DMI report that has nothing else but a single section based on the "Report parameter" dataview. You can use it to start working on your reports - simple import it to CAS.

Below I have highlighted a couple of places to look into if you decide to copy

<section title="State params" ... </section> 

to your existing reports. Make sure position of that section (xPos, yPos, colspan, and rowspan) in the report does not overlap with other sections and it is within the range of layoutColumnCount and layoutRowCount. HINT: xPos and yPos starts with 0.

I suggest to keep retain visibilityType=TABLE, and to avoid ID-clash with other sections - to keep id="params"

Another approach would be to add a section based on one of available data views, export the report and in the XML definition change

<dataSource .../>

to the one highlighted in the screenshot above.

Hope that helps. If not, we'll be happy help you through the process.