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DMI Report


I have pulled DMI report with Dimension as a software service and metric as SSL error, i could see for few applications SSL error metric is showing some value. Can any one please let me know whether this indicates any traffic issue between AMD and applicaiton server...i have gone through docs but didnt understood exact meaning.



Hello MPC,

That could probably be the SSL handshake fatal error.

Just add another metric along with SSL Error which is SSL handshake fatal error and check are both have same values?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

A DCRUM SSL Error is reporting that something happened during the SSL handshake between the client and the server. This will be a real workstation setting up a connection with the VIP, Web Server or application server.

The AMD monitors the connection setup and reports what happens. The exact error may be determined by adding other SSL metrics - SSL handhake fatal error - being one of them. Add some others and see which one is contributing to the general SSL Error metric.

In the DMI click on "Help" next to "Global Aliases" in the Subject Data tab, just above the list of metrics in the report. Scroll down to find the SSL errors under the metrics. It will list the SSL Error codes grouped into "SSL Handshake fatal errors" and "SSL Session Fatal Errors".