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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DMI Tables show all time samples even if no data

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

DMI Charts will easily show you if there's gaps in your data, the tables however do not.

You have to read each line to see there's gaps missing here, and read enough to figure out of there's a pattern or not.

Is there an option to force the DMI to return all time rows even if the metrics/dimensions otherwise are null?

I'm trying to create a report that highlights the gaps.

Currently using a Gantt chart, but the limitations of the Gantt chart (no tooltips) mean I want to display the data in a table too.


Hi Chris,

there is a trick you can use, similar to the one I was presenting during Perform 2015 on how to always show all applications. At the Subject data you need to select Time dimension from data view where you are certain there is always some activity, e.g., if there is at least one service always being pinged, it is enough to simply select Time from Software services data view. Otherwise you may use one of AMD data views; those are, however, in 1 minute intervals (which is not a problem in your case). Then in the benchmark data view you use your regular metrics.

(use your guest/guest or your Dynatrace domain account)

This is how you do it until the 2017 release. There are some obvious limitations: you can use additional dimensions (only filters) in the benchmark, and you can't compare to the benchmark. And some not so obvious - if the Time in the subject data is not continuous and lacks some timestamps in places where the benchmark data would have them, they will not be shown (SQL LEFT JOIN)

The solution in the 2017 release lifts of all of those limitations.

Take a look at

(same credentials)

I have attached screenshots with those Hope that helps.

Thanks Sebastian, benchmark trickery - I always forget how powerful it can be when used atypically.