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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DMI chart control text display


Hi Folks,

I'm feeding APMaaS data into CAS for DMI reporting, just simple response time trending chart.

As usual, each chart will display the dimension and metric using format:

Test_url_name;Page response time

However, some of the page name (URL name) is too long to display, is it a way to control the text limit or wrap the text inside the chart? And also take away the ";Page response time" text?

I know DMI table has a function to control 1st column width, but not sure how to do it in a chart.

Much appreciate for any ideas.




Thanks Barbara. I read the post but it seems for legend, actually I hide the legend instead. The page name display like the diagram below, so I'd like to control the text display. All suggestions are welcome. Thx.