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DMI url access by report name


Is there a way to construct a URL for the DMI that uses the name of the report rather than the id? For example if I create a report called 'SoftwareService', save it then select it from the list of reports I get a url like this

What I want is a URL like this so I can rely on the report name rather than a system generated ID.

I'm linking from BSM to DMI and I want this method to be consistent across different systems when the DMI reports are imported, hence the need for names not ids. I know the URL works with a name parameter for text export as its the basis of the script DMI integrations.





Is this question concerning version 12 BSM --> CAS functionality or is it an older release?

It is 11.7



You can use something like this to use the DMI name:

This works in 11.5 SP3

also, don't forget that with spaces you will need %20 (ie: Software%20Service)

Let me know if you have any questions.


Shawn Givan

Thanks Shawn,

Works a treat. Do you know if I can also pass filtering options to this URL? I want to filter the report by software service name, location area or region. I've tried this with properties like appl for software service but no luck.

Since posting I've also been given some details on param names for certain reports. I think this is 11.5 reports, see attached, but lists the parameters for out of box reports. I'd guess the same apply to custom DMI.


DMI Params for EUEReports.xls



You will need to play around a little with this, but if you are trying to pass software services in the URL, you can do something like this:

" class="external-link"> Service Name

Client Wins Name = ""&pddvs_cWINSName_=hostname

Just to get an idea of the pattern.

A quick way to find out what parameter you would need is to to pass the parameter you are looking for in a link to another report. Before the report generates, you do get to see the full URL, copy it and the last part should tell you the parameter you need. Let me know if you have any questions.


Shawn Givan

don't click the link, it won't take you anywhere.



Thank you for the information so far.

I am trying to display a different date for a DMI in 12.1.

Any idea how I can pass the date as a parameter?

Thanks for your help!




You should be able to use the following parameters in your URL:

&startTime=<epoch with milliseconds>

&endTime=<epoch with milliseconds>


Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

When you open a saved DMI report in CAS ("Load/Organize") there is a tab "Advanced" that lists all parameters. You may play around with a test report and see how the parameters change. However, parameter names and values may change from one version to another, so your link from 11.7 may no longer work in 12.0 or later.

Can you explain why do you need those links in BSM?

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide


Hi guys,


There seem to be a bunch of hidden parameters for DMI reports in 12.1. I've discovered these so far:

FILTER_appl=[SOFTWARE_SERVICE_NAME] - this one will place the Software Service name in ALL Software service fields in the report, no need to populate them manually!

FILTER_bgappl=[APP_NAME] - this one will place the Software Service name in ALL Application fields in the report, no need to populate them manually!

These seem to be related to the ones Leszek mentions in the Load/Organize Advanced tab. I'll post more here whenI have had a chance to play around with this some more.





A good tip here is to look at the javascript on a already made DMI report.

This for example sets the time resolution for the report:


<td class="res" noWrap>
 <select Name="ptime_g_" onChange="if (dmiPageLoaded) { dmi_preserveViewAndSubmit(document.dmi); }">
 <option selected value="r">
 1 period
 <option value="1">
 1 hour
 <option value="6">
 6 hours