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DNA 12.4 - Do not install the agent and console software on the same machine.



I don't want to open a support ticket for this, so I am hoping that the DCRUM Community can provide a quick and understandable reason why "DNA 12.4 - Do not install the agent and console software on the same machine." When I was using TTA 12.x I installed both Console and Agent on my PC to test installation and to collect from my PC when testing "issues" before installing the Agent on client PC's.

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Thanks for
using the community! I’m curious what other users’ experiences are with regard to installing
console and agent in the same environment.

DNA console
was never designed to run alongside agent on the same machine, because they
both provide local capture capabilities and would fight for network interfaces
access. What is worse, they share some of the libraries which have to be registered
in the system. This means they’d have to be running in exactly the same
versions, otherwise random crashes are to be expected (mixed component versions
of either the console or the agent).

That said,
we run internally agent and console in the same environment for debugging
purposes, so it could theoretically work, though interactions may introduce
some instability. For example, when you uninstall the agent, it would likely
break the console setup, which would then have to be reinstalled (so that
shared libraries are reregistered, packet capture driver is reinstalled etc.).

Hope this
explains why we don’t support nor encourage installing agent locally with the



@Tomasz Szreder

or @Tomasz Szulist 🙂 (hard to guess here)

One of your predecessors actually recommended that both were installed on the machine so it's an important change that has happened. But I can admit to not having read the whole manual.....

Ulf on being awarded the Community Member of the Month – well deserved! Your
input is always indispensable.

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a profile photo to help distinguish us in the Community Forums. Or maybe I
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surprised there was a recommendation to install an agent together with the
console, because using agent locally doesn’t give much of a benefit over using
the local attended capture with the console. We’ve indeed considered dropping
the local capture capability in DNA console in favour of a locally installed
agent, but the idea never gained a lot of momentum with the management.

currently I can’t recommend setting up an agent together with a console on the
same machine unless it’s a test environment and they’re both in the same
versions (it’s not sufficient to install them in separate directories).

I didn't see that award?

But nice anyway.

I don't recall the exact reason but it came back as a response when I logged an issue several years ago and since then I've take a habit of always installing an agent locally.

Guess I know have to remember NOT to install.

If an agent works for you well
with the console, feel free to use them together on the same machine. We don't
test it though, so I'd be reluctant to recommend it. I’ve checked with @Tomasz Szulist and other former team members and they seem to support my view, but don’t
let that stop you from using the product your way. I don’t like such limitations

I saw the article by Daren Chody today in the
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