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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DNA Not Responding



I have Dell laptop running Windows 8.1 64-bit, with 16 GB RAM.

When I have large .opx files open in DNA 12.4, I constantly receive Windows Error Messages to close down DNA or another program because I am running out of memory. I am also having issues with DNA (Not Responding). I will close down nearly every other program running, and it might clear. But as soon as I click in DNA this error returns. Note: Checking Task Manager the Dell is only using ~35-40% of memory. DNA is at 0% CPU and ~140 MB memory, with MSSQLSERVER at 4.4% and ~520 MB memory.

Thanks and God bless,





Well , that is how DNA works. The target is a single user tansaction trace. You can still do violence of that and feed it with large files (I've manged 300 MB files) but the cost is the SQL server and the speed of the GUI.

All data is stored in the SQL so that's why we have the Trace Trimmer so that we don't bug down the SQL with a lot of data you don't need.

Interestingly enough - I can't find any training sessions in the APMU....

I don't know if the have virtualized primary @Gary K. yet, but “For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.”

I'm not sure where in the world you sit Genesius, but if Gary has a session nearby, try to attend and see the magic 🙂

Thanks. @ulf t.

I don't believe 11MB/19K frames is really all that large. I am not using Trace Trimmer yet because I need to view "all the traffic" first. If I was to trim out other devices first besides the two I need to research, I would miss the large amounts of traffic that is occurring between one of my devices and another device.

For example:

My customer is pinging Server-B from Server-A. If I had trimmed this trace down to just A&B I would never had seen the SMB2 traffic that begins immediately after the last PING reply between A and another device. I would have been wondering why there was more than 15 seconds before A started the 3-Way Handshake with B.

Are there any configuration parameters that I can tweak for DNA in order not to run into these memory issues?

As for training videos, there is a link, but may have to have your rep give you permission.

Thanks and God bless,



Apart from what @ulf t. mentioned, there are other negative scenarios that may affect DNA performance e.g. large number of nodes or threads. DNA is not designed to analyze overall network performance but rather focus on well defined application transactions. Using BPF filters during trace import is strongly advised. If you could share the trace file I can check it out and possibly suggest something.


Hi @Genesius J.

I have been delivering training sessions in DNA since it was in version 2, so I think the videos will have little to learn me but I'm curious how you found them - since I didn't 🙂

As a trick - you can try to restart the SQL server you have running in the background as it eats up all memory and leaves nothing back, until you restart it.

It's a bit tricky, since the content has not been updated for a while. When you go to you need to select Additional Education and there you go - Transaction Trace 12.0 (from archive). Piece of cake 😉