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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DNA - SQL protocols decoding


Hello, everyone.

Did anybody meet trouble when Dynatrace Network Analyzer cannot decode MSSQL (or Oracle SQL) transactions in thread analysis?
Nowadays, I meet such situations more often. For instance, this happens when I certainly know that the particular conversation should be treated as MSSQL. For some reasons DNA doens't recognize proper protocol from a beginning. I use "Decode As..." option, selecting Microsoft SQL. Sometimes it helps, but there is a high probability to see nonsesne in a "Thread Analysis" tab.
Empirically I realized that this is more likely to be dependent on the MSSQL DB version. I don't have troubles decoding MSSQL 2008, but 2014 doesn't work.

Does anybody know which versions of MSSQL and Oracle communication protocols are supposed to be decoded?
Is there any plans to update DNA analyser with modern versions of the protocols?

I'm asking because I didn't find this information in the documentation.

This becomes a headache to me as I have to spend time reading those operations as a clear text, and can never be sure that I interpret everything in a right way.

Thank you.



Hi Daniil.

The last fully tested versions with DNA were:

MSSQL 2008

Oracle 11g

We're currently in the process of finalizing the 2018 release and once that is complete we will be reviewing and evaluating decode currency update candidates.

Hello, Mike.

Thank you for your answer. However, it makes me rather confused than satisfied. We are in a middle of 2018 year, while the most resent decodable protocols went live 10 years ago, or almost 10 years ago!
When we pay maintenance for DNA we assume (maybe by our mistake) that the product would be developed inline with general technology development. I understand that it might be some delay between new protocol version release and its analyzer availability in DNA, but 10 years seems too much.
Could you clarify the dates when more relevant decoders would be available at DNA?
What about Citrix ICA protocol decoder? Which version is currently supported in DNA?

With the best regards,