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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DNAM Goes End of Life 3/31/21 What about detailed reporting migration to Dynatrace Managed?


Since DNAM is going End of Life next March, what plans does Dynatrace have for its customers to help migrate over the numerous reports and reporting functionality that come standard with the application? Dynatrace Managed currently has very poor reporting capabilities (as compared to what the App Mon application offered) and we don’t see how it will be able to approach the reporting ability seen in DNAM. We use many different custom reports to provide data to our customers, and they’ve come to rely on this level of reporting for years. Some reports include, tracking user or IP activity across the entire network and over different applications, individual application URL counts by minute, hour or day, concurrent user numbers at peak times throughout the day and many HTTP specific load metrics emailed out in detailed PDF reports scheduled daily, monthly and yearly.

Also, DNAM gives us metric counts for all the users coming across our webservers with no limit or cost associated with this data, unfortunately, using consumption-based reporting in Dynatrace to get the same information on our millions of daily hits will quickly become cost prohibitive. Are there any plans to give your clients basic user counts/metrics without having to purchase and use up full DEM licenses?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Thanks for asking these questions. I guess many NAM users will be interested in answers, so I have placed them on the NAM migration microsite in the NAM migration FAQ section.

In brief:

1. On NAM->Dynatrace report transfer: There is no way to simply translate NAM reports to Dynatrace, as it works in a different way. Dynatrace Services are always ready to help with customizing the dashboards to your needs.

2 On the NAM capabilities versus Dynatrace in specific areas, like IP address tracking or URL monitoring: Dynatrace capabilities correspond to many NAM features, but not all. Some of them, like individual client IP address monitoring across the whole network, have no direct equivalent in Dynatrace and may require 3rd-party product involvement. NAM migration site discusses How NAM decodes correspond to Dynatrace capabilities in specific areas.

3. On Dynatrace RUM licensing: your Dynatrace CSM and Account Executive will work with you on finding the right balance of Dynatrace units to match your NAM licensing.

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I have looked through those links previously and they are of no help. We already own Dynatrace Managed and it is installed on the same servers, so this won’t solve our problem. The issue is that Managed has no true report creation functionality except for Dashboards which we don’t need or want in this business case. Our customers use DNAM for the robust reporting functionality and it is the only reason we still own the product. Mostly, this reporting is customized by what they want to see, daily statistics for specific URL performance, how many users hit a particular URL at any given time, which URLs were the slowest for each application, how many users come in each hour, or whatever. We have customized these types of reports for all of our business units over the years and have automated email reports going to them each day and also to the customer partners that are not allowed access into Dynatrace or DNAM. Dynatrace Managed doesn’t seem to even try to allow anything close to this, or any customizations outside of the very tiny bit available in the dashboards and those don’t email out.

Searching again in Dynatrace, we find no DMI section or any way to automate daily reports, and most importantly there is no ability to pick and choose the fields we want to report on or to create our own tables and customized lists. Please look at a few screenshots example sections from our scheduled daily reports and confirm that you’re saying we’ll need to purchase the ability to create something like these from a third party in the future:

So we understand Dynatrace’s position correctly on this ‘migration’ to the Managed product, when the time comes for the DNAM EOL, our customers will just be completely out of luck? We will have to transfer all the funding we spend on DNAM and purchase another product from another company to replace the reporting functionality we’re losing? Taking the money going to you and giving it to a different vendor that we must now research and find doesn’t make much sense to us. What we really want is just some of the most basic functionality that you always provided to your clients in the past for both APP MON and DCRUM.