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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Data Processing delay in CAS



we are using enterprise synthetic 12.3.4. Here we facing "Data Processing delay in CAS for last 2 hours".we checked the logs we get the below details.Please help us to understand the log details and solution to fix this. Thanks in advance!!

1 HLOG  17-04-21 12:12:46.688  HLogDictTable Cache on ItiAmdUUID is initializing
1 HLOG 17-04-21 12:12:46.705 HLogDictTable Cache on ItiAmdUUID has been initialized. Records cnt: 1
T RCV 17-04-21 12:12:46.892 trace transdata_58f9f698_5_t from probe 1 []: clustered traces: [node-1: 6760],
W RTM 17-04-21 12:12:46.996 Cannot load class managing location map
T RTM 17-04-21 12:12:46.996 Cannot load d:\Dynatrace\CAS\config\ for name-location mappings
T RTM 17-04-21 12:12:47.633 TDP:Start saving aggregates
T RTM 17-04-21 12:12:47.634 TDP|Th1:SA - start
T RTM 17-04-21 12:12:47.649 [Storage] Opened SQL table RtmTransActiveStats11
T RTM 17-04-21 12:12:47.654 [Storage] Opened SQL table RtmTransActiveStats11

T RTM 17-04-21 12:12:49.049 Done storing delayed tier data
T RTM 17-04-21 12:12:49.049 Storing delayed tier data into database
T RTM 17-04-21 12:12:49.054 [Storage] Opened SQL table RtmTierStats11


Soorya Mohan


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi Soorya,

Unfortunately this piece of log file says nothing about the delay or sample processing performance .

Please contact the support and create a ticket for this issue (attaching a full diagnostic information archive)

It's needs to be analysed in details.

Thanks Tomasz!! Issue is automatically resolved now.But we see below errror.

Is any idea regarding the above RED alert.


Soorya Mohan

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Soorya,

You can check the following things:

  • CAS recommended sessions are 6 millions, so you can verify how many RAW sessions currently you have from the Tools > Diagnostics > System Status or Tools > Diagnostics > Capacity Status.
  • If you have a remote DB (recommended is local) then check the writing speed with the CAS Benchmark Tool.
  • Make a DMI reports and add the dimension 'Software Services' and metrics 'Operations' to know which software service has maximum operations.



DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Soorya, sounds familiar.

Check the timestamps on the data processing report ((To)day). If they are not in exact 5 minutes interval (0,5,10..), but with some delay (6, 12, 16..) CAS will not process them and leave you with gaps. This might be because of a busy Synthetic server.

Tools> Diagnostics> Processing Status, on tab Processing status details. Day view with period resolution.
Tip; Edit the section Processing performance, and change Data file type filter to = transdata.

We needed to apply a new Advanced Property setting as workaround.

transdata.MAX_SAMPLE_WAIT_TIME (in seconds, 120 for 2 minutes)

(We suspect a Mcafee and Agent Manager service issue)

I would suggest you open a call with support to make sure.

Thanks for the reply @Frans S. We will check in our environment and raise support case if needed.


Soorya Mohan