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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Dcrum dmi report link to dynatrace server error 214


We are using dcrum (Product Name: Central Analysis Server
Version: ) and Dynatrace. We are facing issues with some requests that seem to disapear.

I created a report in DCRum on requests from one specific IP-address and I want to link to DT to see the purepath(s).

I found an existing report that does the same, so I did rely on that definitdcrum-report-definition.jpgdrill-down-links-definition-detail.jpgdrill-down-links-definition.jpgerror-page-after-clicking-link.jpgion to achieve above. But I seem not to be able to define correctly.

When clicking on the link, I am always directed to an error page : request was not succesfull, server status code 412

Can someone help me out how to define link to DT?

Please find report printscreens attached.

Kind Regards



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Monique

On the assumption that you have already defined the CAS - DY integration as per

I suspect you are missing the settings of where to pass the dimensions in your drill down link but I can't see it in your screenshot. Can you expand the drill down link definition post another screenshot?

You need to have Pure Path ID set toi Apply as "dt_ppid" and Operation Id set as Apply as "transid"

I would also set the Pure Path ID dimension display to Yes under the Results display tab. That way you can checlk to see that your operation really has an ID.




Hello Alasdair,

I did set the display of purepath ID to yes, and I can see that my operation has an actual id....

I tought I did the requested (PPID as dt_ppid & operation Id as transid) as you can see in attachement 'drill-down-links-definition-details'.

Or am I missing another place where this needs to be defined ?