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Define Business Transactions based on the export from Business Units


I've some request for definining about 200 business transactions, each with 2-6 rules but the transactions only differ in a parameter.

I created the first transaction via the business units interface, exported the definition of all application and transactions via the "Export" Button and edit it in a text editor.

Everything works well, the only thing I'm worry about is the id that comes with each application, transaction, step and rule. Is there a way to create this ID automatically? Or is there any rule behind the ids how they are choosen?

Thanks for your ideas and help.

Best regards,



I haven't played with them for a couple of years but as I remember, the ID's should not be configured when importing since they are unique to the database.

Try just a single one - if it fails you can always tweak and import again as it will overwrite the previous config for that item.

I agree, if it works anything like adding sites by import does (which also require an ID set by the CAS), you just leave the ID field blank, and the CAS will go ahead and assign an ID when it reads the imported file.

Thanks @Matt Lewis and @Ulf Thornander

I was playing around a little bit and notice that having the same ID multiple times (e.g. I copied 1 transaction definition about 200 times and leave the original ID for every transaction) doesn't cause any issues for the CAS.

And I did some additional analysis on the original export from the Business Units: I extraced all IDs and I noticed that some IDs have multiple entries (sometimes up to 10 times one ID).

BTW - Is this SAP?

And I suspect that if you reuse the same ID when importing,it will just overwrite the previous entry.

No - it is an SMB Service with different IDs in the path - each should have a single transaction.

I created the json file with a simple text editor and used the same IDs for each transaction - all transactions are visible in the CAS and are working as aspected. It seems that the CAS is simply replacing the IDs or they aren't used as a primary key in the database.

Can we create a file (in yaml format) with only changes required on existing business units definition and then import into CAS? Will it overwrite all configuration or will it be smart enough to do only incremental update?