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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Degradation performance with active WAF on the F5 (Web Application Firewall)

Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Hi all,

Last September 27th customer activated the security product WAF on the F5 (Web Application Firewall), deactivated at 10:07 because they noticed that the TIME increase in DCRUM and in APPMON.

Seems that the WAF is very invasive, and after the WAS deactivation all WORKS as expected.

Do you have some experience with WAF ?

Any help will be very appreciated.

We are in touch for upgrade to version 2018 when the SP1 will be available.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Jvano, do you suggest that WAF degraded response time of the application that NAM and AppMon monitor, and NAM and AppMon picked it up? That would be expected.

WAF inherently adds to every request and response processing on the load balancer. Depending on its rules and depth of analysis, and resources available on LB, response time degradation may be negligible, noticeable or significant. That's what differentiates LBs and WAFs from each other:-)

I understand how NAM sees the WAF impact. But with the AppMon - please clarify whether you have UEM in mind, or is it really the app response time observed from the inside of the app server that degraded.

Best regards