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Difference between Application monitoring and DC RUM


Difference between Application monitoring and DC RUM and also Difference between Dynatrace Synthetic and Keynote -- we are confused with similar products.




We are little confused with product lines, could any one help to understand and difference between each products.

Difference bt Dynatrace Application monitoring and DC RUM

Difference bt Synthetic monitoring Vs Keynotes.

Here in IBM we use:

DC RUM - ITCAM for WRT Appliance mode

Synthetic monitoring - ITCAM for Robotic playbacks

Dynatrace Application monitoring - Deep dive capability as in IBM ITCAM for Diagnostic

Keynote --again active monitoring.. please expain in details



This could take a while to go through all the differences but at a high-level you have:

Dynatrace AppMon: agent based, method level detail, deep-dive, good for Java & .NET applications... normally deployed on a per app basis.

Dynatrace DC RUM: agent-less passive solution, analysers of differing tech types allow transaction level detail (T-codes, ICA streams, SQL queries, etc) and is normally deployed as an enterprise-wide monitoring

Dynatrace Synthetic: robotic scripts that run against web applications using either our cloud infrastructure (backbone & synthetic) or an agent can be deployed for customer to run the same scripts (private last mile).

In summary, AppMon shows you what is going on under the hood inside the server. DC RUM is anything on the wire. Synthetic is just that, generate traffic so you can catch things before they happen or baseline them against the real-user traffic.

Hope that helps!

In addition to what Matt mentioned:

Keynote is more or less similar approach as Dynatrace Synthetic.

On the other hand DC RUM is not only monitoring the wire. There is also a component in DC RUM which was formerly known as Synthetic Enterprise. That are robotic tests from inside your company and you can test all your applications and not only web applications like in Dynatrace Synthetic.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello Rajesh,

I strongly encourage you to watch the recording of the "Extend your Dynatrace visibility into all enterprise apps" webinar. It answers your question about AppMon and DC RUM in
the first 10 minutes of the recording.

Take a look also at the AppMon and DC RUM Q&A page, where you can find a list of answers to questions that came up during the webinar.

Best regards,


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