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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Difference between ISP and PVU mode. User identifier.


I cannot get the puzzle together regarding user aggregation. We have ISP mode for CAS. This is what docs say: "In this mode, you track users with defined user names and aggregate other users. The ISP modes record each user name separately." But all I see being recorded is IP addresses and no sign of user aggregation.

What will happen if I switch to PVU mode? Will we still be having all the IP addresses tracked or the count of real users will be lost?

Is there a difference between "user name" and "user identifier"?

What about tracked IP address (user name) retention? How long they are kept in a database?




Hi Guntars,

from what you described it looks like you have ISP with "also track IP addresses from selected range" enabled. But you did not configure your software services to extract user names from the payload.

If you switch to PVU you won't see users, and actually you will see less, i.e., only unique users count. If you enable "also count user IP addresses from selected ranges" for PVU your IPs in the IP range defined will aggregated into locations (sites/regions/areas).

We will update our documentation to make it clearer. Thanks for your feedback on that.



That would be great, Sebastian! Thanks!