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Difference between daily baseline mode and average baseline mode

My understanding is that the way of calculation is the same, just that the number of days of data taken to calculate the average is different. Is that correct?

Let's say option A is daily mode, with default value of 9 days, while option B is the average mode, with AMD data storage of 9 days. Then both of these configurations are the same right? or there is still some difference?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

OK, the configuration UI and consequently the documentation is a bit convoluted. In brief it is as follows:

CAS can serve one of two baseline types:

  • average baselines (dynamic) or
  • pinned baselines (static)

Average (dynamic) baselines are calculated every day, but they can be calculated either as

  • one set that represents one "typical" day (5-min resolution across 24 hours of a typical day, each point being an average over past 9 days for that time of day)
  • seven sets that represent one typical weekday each (5-min resolution across 24 hours of a typical Monday, then Tuesday and so on, each point being an average over past 4 Mondays for that time of day, and so on)

Pinned baseline is just a static, frozen set that typically represents some known good state, e.g. a fine day when no problems were seen. It is configured manually.

Hope this helps

Thanks Kris, that does clear my doubt.

And maybe you are right, the documentation does need to be edit a bit.


We have two
types of average baselines (pinned average is
different story):

- Daily

- Weekly

Both of
them are calculated based on data controlled by storage period.

calculation we take all available data, but
whole day data must be in database.

In case of
daily baselines we omit non-business days.

You can
specify which days of the week are out of business days and what holidays days
you have and if they are non-business days.

In case of
default storage period (10 days) and default business days you will have one
week of data + 3 days.

depending when the baseline (day of week) is calculated some of extra days are skipped (they
are out business) days. It also depend on server time zone how much of whole date we have during baseline calculation.

baselines are calculated from 1 week + 0-3 days of data.

If you have
weekly baselines then Mondays baseline is
calculated on Tuesday morning. Tuesdays baseline is calculated on Wednesday

CAS does not exclude non business days.

If you have
default storage period, you have 2 Mondays data on Tuesday.

To obtain
baseline from 4 days you need to have storage
period set to more than 22 days.