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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Difference between "All" and "All other operations"


Whats the difference between the value of "All" and "All other operations" in the Operation (incl. whole) dimension. I'm tracking down a random spike in operation count, which only shows up as "All" in this dimension.

What might this traffic be?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

By default DC RUM does not monitor all operations in given SS. Let's example the HTTP.

We monitor auto-learned URLs + these that were configured statically or using regex. Such operations are then identified by their names, like http://your-server/path/page.html.

But AMD also is aware that beside these mentioned above there were some not monitored (usually due to low volume) URLs that were seen by the AMD, but not reported by name. The number of these operations is counted as "All other operations".



It's not completely clear to me, look at the report I uploaded. When I run a operation count report with the operation dimension set as a filter I get a much higher operation count (2.75 K) compared to when the operation dimension is set to to display in a row (713). In this report I get an operation called "All other operation", along with 2 other clear operations. There are an additional 2k operations not accounted for when I compare the detail report to the summary report. Can you help explain what is happening.

I should also add this spike is sporadic so I'm trying to determine what this spike is caused by.