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Does a CAS Log File Glossary exist?



Does anyone know of a glossary for log file entries in the CAS? We are starting to digest our logs with Splunk / ELK and their team would like more information regarding the log files. Please see my attached screenshot for examples of log file categories.




Hi Brett,

I'm not aware of any glossary now available, but I hope there will be soon one shared on the community.

It would be really helpful!

Let's see what Dev says!

Ciao, Raffaele

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Numbers are debug levels, T are traces, W are warnings and E are errors.

SCHED - scheduled tasks

ALARM - alerts system

RCV - downloading data files

DIAG - memory diagnostics (not sure)

DB - operation on DB

LIC - checking licenses

CSS - connections to CSS

ADM - general CAS info and some messages regarding connections to SMTP

HTTP - connections to CAS GUI

ITI and DMI - DMI reports system

WS - web services

RTM - data processing

HLOG sounds like ADS, but it must smth else for CAS ...

Thanks Adam!


These constants were meant to be a guideline for developers and corresponded to parts of server's functionality or module. However, they should not be treated dogmatically, as with the increasing complexity of the system they might be incorrectly assigned by an individual developer.

In addition to what Adam (correctly) explained before, here is an excerpt from the actual source code (I include only the commented constants).

"SYNC"; // Used by SynchConfigTask(rtmbs) and sychnronization modules

"FARM"; // for farm server logs

"SCHED"; // for TaskScheduler

"WSC"; // for web service client

"JUL"; // for java.util.logging and log4j

"JUL2"; // twin of "JUL" but to separate log files "family"

"WS"; // for web service

"I18N"; //internationalization

"CONSO"; //for Console

"SNIPP"; // for Snippets

"CSS"; // for Compuware Security Client

"REST"; // for REST API

"DIAG"; //for alarm diagnostic

"GPN"; //for Gomez diagnostic

"PLUGN"; //for DMI plugins

"NF";// for network forensic

"BUC";// for business units configuration

"RASTR"; //for phantomjs logging in

"SCRPT"; //for script execution diagnostic

"TT"; // trace trimmer

"MAIL"; // trace mail/smtp related messages

"RPTV"; // trace for ReportValidator output error messages

"WF"; // for Workflow Plugins (AHS, FDA, DCA)

"REQDP"; // for request dumper filter

"DMIRD"; // (DMI) (R)en(D)ering time traces

"OPRTS"; // trace for UrlAging

"SYNCH_PROC"; // trace for synchronized processing

HLOG is the name of the engine which semi-automatically writes data to the database. It is used by ADS and parts of CAS which process transdata.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the deep insight!