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Drill into Error Report


When I am looking at a capture - and if there are several hundred "error/warning/informational" messages (could be a decode is not present, or frames larger than MTU, etc), in a conversation and I try Drill into Error Report - it takes forever to load!   It can take 10 minutes sometimes....and this can be on a capture that is only 2 - 3 MB  in size.

The server is Win 2012 64 Bit, with 4 GB of Ram - Quad 2.47 GHz.  When it is running, the CPU usage is very low, memory usage is only a little over 2GB and Ethernet is almost non-existent.   I can't  figure out where it is slowing down.   The Database server seems to be okay on resources, as well.   We are running DNA 12.3.0375    It was kind of slow in the past but it seems so much slower since moving to the 12. releases.   Is anyone else experiencing this or is it most likely somewhere on my end?



Hi Joseph

To start with, a server running 64 bit on a 4 GB AM budget is a bit low, but it runs.

Secondly, the "server" versions of Windows prioritze the background processes while DNA is a foreground process.

Then is the question on where you have the SQL. Many users do use remote SQL services but I've found that less than optimal and avoid that as the plague.

I do agree that different decodes perform differently and some are more instant than others.
My setup is on a workstation with 32 GBs of RAM and I run traces that are much larger than what is intended with acceptable results. Initially I use the ability to fork off conversations as new threads/traces and then open and work on them.

Yep - SQL is remote...same datacenter, but diff server. 

Thanks for the reply!



There is some sort of local SQL server thing/version you can install without a license cost. But your Company might prevent such local installations?