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DynaTrace DCRUM


Hi all,

we have the following Environment set up

Product Name: Central Analysis Server
Version: 2017 May SP2

i do not have full access to the configuration and all but i am trying to learn the product and question is that we have some alerts set up for application performance,network performance and user impacted and i am trying to understand what they represent exactly.when i hover over the fiedl for "Application performance" it says smth like this

and same thing for "Network Performance"

can someone please help me understand what they are saying in plain English if possible.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Application performance: say you have a web app and your performance target is that all pages have to load below 8 sec. if all pages loaded below 8 sec, reported app performance will be 100%. If 100 pages were loaded by users and 15 of them were loaded in time exceeding 8 sec, your app performance will be 85%. And so on. For apps that don't have transactional nature, we use throughput instead, but we may leave it for now in order to stay in the "plain" area.

Network performance: it's percentage of bytes transferred in optimal network conditions - low latency and low loss rate. Documentation explains it in a more illustrative manner.

Best regards