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Dynatrace Central Analysis Server Service will not start


We have recently set up Dynatrace CAS server (Windows 2012 R2 VM) and are running DCRum on the same server as a proof of concept before we purchase licences for the system. We have a number of Linux-based AMDs collecting data from our server infrastructure.

The system had been running fine for approximately 1 week but now we cannot get into the CAS via the webpage. The error is: "Server is not ready". The cause of this seems to be the windows service "Dynatrace Central Analysis Server" is stuck with the status "Starting" and it will not start. We have tried many things to try to get this service started including: Disabling all antivirus, checking database connectivity, rebooting the server, but nothing seems to work.

Yesterday we completely uninstalled Dynatrace and reinstalled using a new database instance ... the system was working fine until this morning when the service hung in the "Starting" state again.

Any ideas how we could get this resolved?


Did you look at the server log of CAS? Can't tell much without the log.

SEEMS like you are running into insufficient memory issue, but can't said for sure until someone more expert than me jump to this topic.


Nothing in the Windows event logs but sifting through the Dynatrace logs (and struggling to interpret them) we did find a few errors popping up occasionally and some of these are memory-related. However rebooting the server would normally flush out the memory but the Dynatrace CAS service still fails to start after reboot.

Here are some of the errors in the server.log file:

shutdown cause

The server is 4 core with 24gb memory assigned (seems to plenty for a proof of concept?) ... we do have the CAS and RUM service installed on the same server currently so we are going to try to split them out onto different servers to see if this makes a difference ...

Hi Luke,

Please contact the support, create a Jira ticket and attach an export config archive from CAS.. or at least packed log folder. What is the value of the XMX java param?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Our recommendation is a minimum of 32 GB for the CAS process alone, over and above the host OS memory requirements and the memory requirements for anything else installed on the host.

If you have SQL on the same host, our recommendation is 32 GB minimum for the SQL instance as well, so CAS, RUM Console, Windows OS, and SQL all on the same host would be a minimum of around 80 GB.

-- Erik

ps: for some reason, my edits to correct spelling seem to be being ignored...