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Dynatrace DCRUM SNMP Traps


  • 1.Meaning of
    each event type –

OID Value Meaning What does this mean to an user who is getting this alert?
1 onEntry(1) First time occurrence (first time notification of alert)
2 onCancellation(2) When the event gets cleared and no more valid (Clear event)
4 onMinuteReissue(4) ?
5 onEventReissue(5) Reoccurrence of same event (change type to override the earlier alarm)
6 onAbort(6) ?

  • 2.Why abort
    event option is selected by default when cancel event is selected in
    propagation settings tab? What is the relevance of abort event?

  • 3.How to
    disable/suppress abort event in Dynatrace?

  • 4.What does
    each of alarm type means ? Are there any additional types other than the ones
    listed below – Or does these range change per implementation basis irrespective
    of Version?

Sl. No. Type of alarm Meaning OID per versions
1 trapMetricAlm ? 2017 -

12.4 - TBD

2 trapTierMetricAlm ? 2017 -

12.4 - TBD

3 trapTransMetricAlm ? 2017 -

12.4 - TBD

  • 5.In the tcp
    dump shared earlier, we have observed there are alerts which are not configured
    but received as below. Need more information on this interms of what does this
    mean, when this will get triggered etc.

    > blt13545001.snmptrap: [udp sum ok] { SNMPv2c C= { V2Trap(584)
    R=16966 system.sysUpTime.0=69562282
    E:3279.1.1.1113987110.1.1.9999999.2=1 E:3279.1.1.1113987110.1.1.9999999.3="Critical
    - Application health index - Test^JClient network^JCustomer
    E:3279.1.1.1113987110."Client network"
    E:3279.1.1.1113987110."Customer CASs"
    E:3279.1.1.1113987110."*" E:3279.1.1.1113987110."*"
    E:3279.1.1.1113987110. E:3279.1.1.1113987110."%"
    E:3279.1.1.1113987110. E:3279.1.1.1113987110."-"
    E:3279.1.1.1113987110."SINGLE/ZEROTRAFFIC" S:
    } }


I can answer number 5. If you log into you RUM Console and search for the TIERMETRIC_ALM_10011 you should be able to see how it is made up. Based on the info in that message you posted, it looks like it is looking at the client network 'Customer CASs' and is monitoring for no traffic. In other words, I think it is checking that traffic from your customer's AMDs are being sent to your CAS estate and if there is no traffic, let you know.